Will Google Mars Lead Us To Finding Martians?

Submitted by floodrod on Mon, 03/16/2009 - 20:00.

News by: www.unexplainable.net

Google made it easier to take a stroll on Mars with it's "Google Mars". Similar to Google Maps, Google Mars allows users to scan the surface of Mars, keep track or orbiters, and search for anomalous features. This new Mars Scanning Technology makes the possibility of finding life on Mars much greater. Extraterrestrial life researchers can now use this great tool to gather new data that may ultimately lead to the discovery of life on another planet.

If we think about the possibilities that can transpire from this new tool, we will find many new avenues to explore. I was trying out some of the features available on the site, and although there are still many limits of usage, a lot of the features were impressive.

The map views currently offer three views. Elevation, visible, and  Infrared. The elevation and infrared views are very impressive and should prove to be a huge asset when searching for anomalies. The elevation feature works with colors that represent different altitudes of the surface. Using the elevation feature, the viewer gets a better view of structural and dimension displaying features. This should make it much easier and more accurate when searching for artificial or intelligent designed features. The infrared view will display a black and white imagery, but the outline of ridges and dividing marks becomes apparent. This feature will also prove useful when examining surface features.

I have noticed that some areas allow you to zoom very close and observe features with detailed imagery, as where other areas only allow far away views. I have been unable to use this tool to see "The Face On Mars" closeup as of now.

Google Mars is equipped with a search box and will provide a direct link to any location with the click of the mouse. As more researchers start trolling around the surface of Mars, I am 100% confident more anomalies and viewpoints will surface that may ultimately prove to be solid evidence of intelligent life.

Here's a link to Google Mars. http://www.google.com/mars/ 

As a word of documenting advice, if you do come across anything that appears anomalous, I recommend you take a print screen of the image in addition to the link. I am not saying Google or NASA will cover up any unordinary imagery that slips in, but there are many conspiracy theories floating around about this subject.

Be sure to let me know about any anomalies found..


Source:  http://www.unexplainable.net/ artman/publish/article_11957. shtml