Sacramento Orb Sighting

Submitted by BlueEdgeRadio on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 07:10.

While visiting with a friend of mine today,  I happen to just glance up to the sky and noticed a very white glowing ball of light. It was just sitting there, not moving right over us, but it seem far away. I asked my friend if she could see it to, and as we both looked at it trying to figure out what it was and why it wasn't moving, I asked if she had a telescope to get a better look.

By the time she came back out with the telescope, we had noticed that within only seconds the orb shifted dramatically to the left, but it was still hovering in one spot (not moving).

It did not look like a plane, and it was to big to be a balloon. It was solid white and round like an orb. Plus it wasn't moving. After a few minutes went by we noticed that it started to become translusant and then it disappeared within the clouds.

It was a VERY exciting 10 minutes, as we could not explain what the glowing ball of light was and how it just sat in one spot for so long. My friend was scratching her head too, as she could not explain what it was that we were looking at.

I found it even more interesting that I happen to just look up into the sky and looked RIGHT at it. It's not like I was looking for it, and even if I was, it would have been hard to see between it and the patchy clouds.

I decided to do a search to see if anyone else in the Sacramento area reported this orb, and noticed that there were several reports within this last week.

So, there you go. Hope this helps the UFO society keep tabs on sitings, as I believe it was a UFO. It seems that there has been a lot of activity and we are seeing a lot of them all over the world lately.

In love & light,

Blue Edge Radio