Orange round lights

Submitted by Cavalier342 on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 23:16.

Ok basically, i was at a friend's new year's party on 31/12/08. We were in the back yard launching some fireworks. After we launched a few rockets, my friend suddenly said.. "whats that!" we all looked up and we saw an orange/amber circle slowly moving above us, must have been about a thousand feet up. I didnt think anything of it at first, but i remembered my other friend Dan said he saw the same orange light, but 4 of them moving slowly over Ferndown. I then also remembered about a time 2 years before, where i saw another exact same light while standing on my road. At first, it looked like one of those Chinese burning lanterns that float in the air, but i straight away noticed it definitely wasnt. Now, i'm not saying its some alien spaceship, but the only thing i can say is, i know quite a fair bit about civilian and military aviation, and i can tell you what i saw was definitely nothing manufactured in this world. Reasons are = (1) no sound emitted from the craft.. (2) No navigation/strobe/beacon/landing lights showing.. (3) The speed was too slow to be any kind of jet aircraft, and as there was no sound, it wasnt a helicopter or any kind of UAV or stealth aircraft, as they would show no signs of their position in mid-air, and any civilian aircraft must legally have the navigation/strobe/beacon/landing lights on at that height.

I dont know if anybody else saw a similar or same thing as this, but if you have, please do let me know. I do honestly believe that UFO's from other worlds have visited our planet several times. Especially after reading several other articles, especially the one here in England where an apparent UFO knocked down a wind turbine blade and dented another. I believe it is possible. I mean if we can send probes to Mars, with our limited technology, whats stopping other intelligent worlds from sending manned ships to perform reconnnaissance on our planet?

  1. Pf on Sun, 04/19/2009 - 22:44

    I lived in Tabusintac nb a little town in New Brunswick Canada.


    We have seen these orange lights in the woods accross from our house at several occasion dating back to 1992.  They looked like a burning orange lights, sometimes they would stay for at least 10 minutes and sometimes 1 minute.   Then we never seen them for a while and after at least 10 yrs they suddenly appeared again.  It happen in the beginning of April 2009, we were in bed and my 16 yrs old so was watching tv when he started screaming from the scare of his life.  He nows believes us.   We got up and sure enough it was that orange light, but before it never made any noise.  This time when the light went out it got really loud and a vibration came out that was shaking our house, scary.  Anyone experience this kind of event, i would like to know.


  2. wisher2 on Sun, 03/22/2009 - 20:23

    seam nearly every sighting are of orange globes of such.. yes i did read about the one here in england,, please read my report on what we have seen here in manchester twice now,, about a year apart.. will try and upload a photo if i can..