hi i saw them just wanna share

Submitted by deanlaw on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 14:43.

Hi everyone just thought i need to share what i saw with you all

on monday the 18 january 2010 i was busy on facebook as you do, at about 6.30pm british time my girlfriend who was in my garden came in and said there was something in the sky , i went to see and what i saw has certainly left me stunned, i saw a bright round glowing craft which was pretty close up as it passed the air above where i live the sky was dark at the time so it showed up pretty well there was no noise coming from this object and it was quite big i watched it sail across the sky into the distance went back in and told people on facebook what i had just saw  my girlfriend stayed in the yard then she called me again i went out and there was another craft exactly the same Bright orange glowing and round i was left completely stunned by what ive witnessed i have seen ghosts in my life so was a true believer there but i was always skeptical about UFOs until now, really at the moment i feel kinda special that me and my girlfriend witnessed such a sight in the night sky both crafts were identical and both flew in exactly the same direction, naturally everyone thinks ive gone nuts on facebook but i just thought i would share this with you all thanx dean law .